Environmentally Responsible
Protecting the Environment through waste control and landfill conservation is a high priority.  Very little un-claimable material sees the landfill.  What cannot be reclaimed is further broken down in to mechanical and electronic surplus and readied for additional redistribution.  What is not salvageable is recycled in and environmentally safe and responsible manner.  We have coupled with numerous national companies that provide recycling for metals, glass, plastics, paper, and cardboard as well as the regulated disposal of toner and supplies that cannot be reclaimed through our process.  Additionally, through participation in this program, you are further supporting: recycling, waste elimination, landfill reduction, and natural resource conservation.

Improved Waste Management
Experience a significant reduction in overhead costs (and headaches) relative to the many aspects of waste management.  We responsibly handle all aspects of your disposal needs so you don't have to.
"To Hear is to Listen...

To Understand is to Act...

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