No Cost
Our programs offer a cost effective way to rid overflowing warehouses of damaged, warranty return, obsolete, and surplus equipment, parts and supplies.  While most disposal companies charge high fees for equipment disposal, we charge no fees.  Funding for this program is provided through pursuit of state and federal program grants, materials collected from our recycling and dismantling programs, and the overseas sales of repaired equipment.  The revenue generated helps offset the high costs associated with equipment dismantling, recycling, and waste management.  This in turn enables us to eliminate disposal cost to you.  We only request that delivery of the product is provided to our facility.

Helping those in Need
With the product collected, we'll repair and make functional equipment that has expired and redistribute it to schools and medical facilities of non-competitive, less fortunate countries in need.  While far more labor intensive than disposal, it's worth it.

Enhanced Public Relations
With increasing attention and concern for the environment, society greatly respects companies that take positive steps to protect it.  Our established worldwide network of customers are eager to accept our products and grateful to the organizations who participate within our programs.  Furthermore, we continue to promote participants through trade publications, news interviews, and other opportunities as they present themselves.  In essence a quality, respected, no cost form of advertising.

No Contracts, No Commitments
We believe working together because of mutual satisfaction should be the only driving force behind every successful relationship.

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